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Kelly's Directory Belton 1849
Old Belton Parish Directories

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Johnson Robert Popplewell, esq. Temple Belwood
Lister George, esq. Hirst Priory
Skipwith Rev. Thomas, M.A. Rectory
Wells Mr. James


Ashley Spencer, farmer
Burtwistle John, farmer
Carr Edward Henry, farmer
Greenfield William, farmer
Hind James, farmer
Hirst Samuel, farmer
Hutson Marmaduke, farmer
Jacques George, farmer
Jennings Thomas, farmer
Maw Henry Lister, farmer
Robinson Richard, farmer
Selby Johnson, farmer
Threadgold George, engineer


Arrand Robert, ‘Crown’
Bassendale Robert, shoemaker
Bellamy John, shoemaker
Bowers Edward, wheelwright
Burtwistle Thomas, schoolmaster
Clark John, farmer
Kelsey Richard, farmer
Leggott John, butcher
Maw Gervas, ‘Bull’s Head’ & farmer
Martin Samuel, farmer
Phillipson John, shoemaker
Picksley Thomas, grocer & post receiving house
Pitchford Louis, tailor
Platts Robert, constable
Rowbotham William, farmer
Ross John, blacksmith
Sprakes Richard, shoemaker
Sprakes Thomas, shoemaker
Vause Ephraim, farmer

Wall James, butcher
Winter Richard, farmer


Birdsall William, farmer
Bowman James, farmer
Brown Robert, farmer
Champion John, farmer
Collinson John, solicitor & clerk to the Epworth Magistrates
Harrison John, farmer
Kelsey Robert, farmer
Stones Watson, farmer
Walton Michael, farmer
Watson James, farmer
Watson John, farmer
Webster John, farmer
Webster William, farmer


Bassindale Edmund farmer
Bingley John, farmer
Burtwistle William,
Sir Solomon Inn, & farmer
Foster John, tailor
Taylor William, farmer
Theaker Henry, farmer
Thompson Thomas, farmer
Townsend Zachariah, grocer
Watson William, wheelwright


Leggott Richard, farmer
Leggott Samuel, farmer
Riley Thomas, farmer
Robson Thomas, farmer
Theaker William, farmer
Winter William, farmer


Odling Gervase, farmer
Ross William, farmer
Sampson John, farmer


Axe George, ‘Stag’
Hague George, beer retailer
Hague John, wheelwright
Jennings Thomas, farmer


Maw Miss Mary
Theaker Mr. Samuel


Cawkwell John, miller
Crabtree William, farmer
Dale George, farmer
Everatt John, miller
Everatt Richard, butcher
Everatt Thomas, wheelwright
Fillingham Thomas, miller
Gill George, farmer
Gervis Peter, farmer
Give William, farmer
Hague George, shoemaker
Hirst Peter, farmer
Holliday Robert, farmer
Hutson Godfrey, farmer
Kirk George, shoemaker
Kynman Richard, farmer
Maw Thomas, farmer
Oldfield Isaac, ‘Wheat Sheaf’
Oliver William, shoemaker
Pilgrim John, schoolmaster
Robinson George, farmer
Robinson Samuel, farmer
Seaton Edward, shoemaker
Snowden William, blacksmith
Sparling William, farmer
Sykes Thomas, tailor
Temperton John, blacksmith


Beaumont John, farmer
Crackle Joseph, farmer
Holmes James, farmer
Houlton James, farmer
Maw John, farmer
Simpson Thomas, farmer



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White's Directory Belton 1842 | Kelly's Directory Belton 1849 | Kelly's Directory Belton 1855 | White's Directory Belton 1856

Old Belton Parish Directories

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